Beyond The Pines

Beyond the Pines is a first-person, story-driven, psychological horror game, inspired by the partnership between Owner and Dog.

Coming 2023

Beyond the Pines is a first-person, story-driven, psychological horror game set in a forest in Wales and inspired by the partnership between an Owner and their Dog.

Sam Carvel is an isolated writer who prefers the ancient forest and his four-legged friend for company. Sam and Rocky have been inseparable since Rocky was a puppy, a rescued German Shepherd cross Belgian Malinois, side by side on every adventure, until now...

It begins on a cold evening; as Sam travels back from the city to his cabin in the forest and back to Rocky.

As Sam returns home, he makes a worrying discovery, Rocky is missing, no traces to be found, and the night is drawing in.

Sam blames the harsh winds howling earlier in the day for Rocky’s disappearance, but is there something more sinister lurking, taunting him, just Beyond the Pines?


- A First-person narrative horror experience: Play as Sam Carvell, coming home to his rescue dog, a German Shepherd cross Belgian Malinois named Rocky, and explore their story and bond.
- Story-focused Exploration: Beyond the Pines encourages exploration of your environment and the elements that make up your life in a non-linear experience.
- An Immersive Cabin: Take a stroll through the forest to your isolated Cabin, be careful what may have followed you home.
- No Combat: Beyond the Pines is story-driven rather than combat oriented. However, you may feel like something is watching you.
- Emotional Reflection: As Sam confronts his mind, you may reflect and begin to question your own emotional sanity/state.
- Welsh Folklore: Beyond the Pines is influenced by Welsh Folklore and Wales itself.